Tasha S.

I have to say I got more than I bargained for. Most regular Doctors charge you an initial $150 fee for a first time consultation that barely lasts 10 minutes. They focus on the symptoms and don’t seem interested in getting to the core of the problem. With Dr. Lee it was quite the opposite. He spent a good hour reviewing my health problems and his focus was about determining the root of my issues. For years I have been suffering from digestive problems, food allergies and skin rashes. He offered a broad spectrum parasite and allergen test that determined that I was indeed suffering from a parasitic infestation. I am confident now that we know what my problem is that we are going to come to a solution. Dr. Lee is knowledgeable, well spoken and his staff was friendly and always smiling. I would definitely recommend a visit if you are tired of dealing with MD’s.

J A.

I had tendinitis in my elbow for a couple of weeks the first time I saw Dr.  Clement.  He used a smooth piece of metal on my elbow joints and the next day my elbow was better and the issue has not recurred.  The second time him I saw him I had an impinged shoulder that has been recurring for a year.  I had seen another traditional doctor about it and he said nothing could be done except surgery, maybe some physical therapy, but in general I would have to deal with it probably for the rest of my life.  I had read about prolotherapy and saw that Dr Clement performed that.  After one visit of prolotherapy with him my shoulder has gotten much better –  enough that I have done pullups without relapse.  I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I am glad I tried it.  The issue has not come back for at least a year.

Liza L.

Excellent. I have gone for: Weightloss, Prolotherapy for my back and foot, my baby girls constant colds, my colds. My name is Ms. Luna tell him I sent you and tell him to use my account to get you the 10% discount on purchases. When my daughter was about 2 she was often sick like the other kids in her day care.  Dr Clement recommended a nebulizer and some homeopathic medicine and it made all her mucus come out so she could sleep and get better.  It worked like a charm.  The pediatric doctor at White Memorial Hospital was not able to help. I use it too now. Next, I was limping because my ankle hurt.
The podiatrist at White Memorial Hospital said I need surgury on one foot and to wear a brace for several weeks and physical therapy on the other foot.  The Physical Therapist was too far and too mean and I didn’t want surgery or to wear a brace. So I ran to Dr. Clement. First he told me to lose weight. Without excercise. I said’ “What”.  But I lost 20 lbs in 30 days.  It was awesome I lost about 5 lbs a week. Then he gave me prolotherapy injection. After the first treatment he told me to walk normal. It was a miracle. I could walk without pain instantly. Dr. Clement Lee has given me tons of gems of suggestions on natural treatments.  He really cares and once you are his patient he is excessable to answer questions.  I have even asked him about things I see on Dr. Oz. I also recommended the weightloss program to an elderly gentleman who had lots of health issues and I thought it might not be that effective but he called me saying he lost 5 lbs a week too with Dr. Clement. Wow. And a freind of mine told me he is a football coach and his shoulder hurt and had read about and was looking for prolotherapy.  He was also cured instantly from the shoulder pain with Dr. Clement. He is also easily accessible you can try and get an appoinment same day just call the office and check his schedule.

Stephanie G.

Cure for atherosclerosis & heart disease found with Dr.Clement Lee who used di potassium magnesium EDTA therapy. Amazing and insightful healthcare.

Nina G.

Clement has saved my knees with prolotherapy.  I have been able to participate at CrossFit with no pain since working with Clement.  Also he has been instrumental in helping me avoid neck surgery and learn many techniques to slow signs of aging on my skin.

Sharon J.

I had a ligament injury on my left knee over a year ago when I was working out in the gym. I have seen over 8 different orthopedic, got 6 Cortisone shots, 5 months of physical therapy, some acupuncture and massage treatment. The knee problem was getting worse and worse. My left knee get  swollen if I walk for over 20 minutes. If I drive or sit in the car for more than 2 hours my knee feels pain and swollen. In addition, walking on the stairs is so painful and my knee makes the “click” sound every time I bent my knee. I was so depressed and going to the doctor’s office become my part time job as I have to go 2 to 3 times a week for physical therapy and treatment. My life is totally screwed with this knee problem. One of the physical therapist even suggest me for Arthroscopy. I get so scared plus most of the doctor tell me that I will have this knee problem for the rest of my life.

As I have no solutions and no improvement on my knee problem, one of my friend told me about Prolotherapy as an alternative to  Arthroscopy. I searched on the internet and found Doctor Clement Lee. Doctor Clement Lee is very professional and nice doctor. He explain the Prolotherapy procedures clearly and provide recommendations and gives a lot of useful information. After 3 treatment the pain level has been reduced 85%. The “click” sound is getting less noticeable. I could walk for 5 hours with a thin sleeve tape knee support without feel pain or swollen. After the 6 treatment my knee pain reduced 95%

I wish I could found this doctor earlier, so I don’t have to suffer the pain for over a year.
In addition, Dr Clement Lee charges reasonable price for the treatment. I found most other doctor charge a lot more for the same treatment.

When it comes to health problem finding the right doctor is the key. Especially the doctor who listen to your medical issues and concerns.

Right now I am so confidence that I my knee could be 100% heal.

G M.

i’ve been going to dr. lee for about 3 years. it started when i tore my meniscus training jiu jitsu. at the time, i was a 43yo. my regular primary care doc at the time examined me and told me to take some anti-inflammatory’s and rest it. his  prognosis was that i should regain about 65% back, considering my age and injury. i went to an orthopedic surgeon and he immediately wanted to operate, promising me a 80 – 85% recovery after 6 – 10 months of rehab and about $3000 out of pocket…..i went to dr. lee and he told me that he can heal me 100% through some naturopathic procedure called Prolotherapy. i rolled my eyes, laughed, and was doubtful, but i figured, “why not?”..i had nothing to lose since the procedure was relatively inexpensive. and if it didn’t work, i was planning to go back for surgery.
well, after 6 sessions over 10 weeks, i was back on the mat training. i was very careful with the knee, but after several weeks of guys twisting, pulling, and pushing my legs in every direction, my knee felt great! in fact, the repaired knee is now stronger than my good knee. completely amazed at the outcome.
dr. lee has also provides other avenues of treatment and care for various issues ranging from the flu, food poisoning, fatigue, cauliflower ear, and almost any other illness or ailment people get.
rather than prescribe harmful meds with bad side effects, dr lee’s treatments are completely natural, so it doesn’t harm your body in any way. and his goal is to heal you, not just treat your condition.
the best part, is the time he will give you during the appointment. instead of the 5 minutes that regular MD’s generally give you before ultimately prescribing you meds, dr lee will spend 30 – 60 minutes with you to educate you on your condition and answer all of your questions.

i’m completely sold on dr. lee. i would never go back to a conventional, close-minded MD again if i don’t have to.

mitchell r.

A while ago I partially tore my right hamstrings. Dr. Lee is an old friend of mine and I figured I would give it a shot as I have never been to a doctor of his type before. I went in and he administered Prolotherapy and massaged the crap out of my hamstrings. The tearing was pretty bad but within a week I was surprised to be able to JOG. Then in about a two weeks I was able to run 1.5 miles in a little under 12 minutes. recovery time was amazing and now I refer all my friends that have physical injuries to Dr. Lee.

Since then I have ran 3 Half Marathons, 2 Triathlons, a Road Bicycle Race and various 5k and 10k runs. It’s like it never happened. Flexibility is also back to what it was before the hamstrings tore. Took some work of course but I’m and and feeling great!

bernice c.

I was referred to Dr.Lee by a friend who had successful treatment by him.

I was training for a half ironman and had a whole mess of aches all over from chronic pain and excessive training: shin splints, shoulder strain, knee pains and neck aches. I was very skeptical at first, I’ve never heard of prolotherapy and I’m completely frightened by needles. Dr. Lee  is very understanding, thorough and patient, he explained what the treatment in great detail. It is definitely frightening the first time and painful, but it definitely works. The first few times I had to really talk myself into coming back for more shots, but now I’m excited to feel better.

In no time I was able to feel better then I did before and started referring my friends for treatment as well. Feel free to PM me if you want to know more about my experience.