Dr. Dien Nguyen Dr. Nguyen (Dr. “D”) is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor. His focus is YOU. He wants to help you be all that you can be and eagerly embraces the opportunity to serve you. He acknowledges the shortcomings with the current system of healthcare. No more 5-10 minute “drive thru” doctor visits then receiving a “one size fits all” prescription for symptom relief while the root cause of the problem is not addressed. Dr. D is motivated to create a more positive experience for you and help facilitate your journey to health, energy, balance, and wellness throughout your life. He will spend the necessary time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and assess your unique constitution so that he can create a plan specific to your needs while addressing the root cause of the problem.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, he loves health. He whole heartedly believes in health, it is his passion and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He loves health just as authors love writing, athletes love sports, chefs love food, baristas love coffee, bees loves flowers, the sun loves shining, and dogs loves walks. Health affords us the opportunity to live life to the fullest as well as deal with its many obstacles and stresses. It is the biological currency that gives us the freedom to live, love, and laugh.

Dr. D’s ultimate goal is to serve patients to the best of his abilities, make a meaningful impact in helping the advancement and recognition of Naturopathic Medicine in the US, help increase the scope of practice of Naturopathic Doctors for improved patient care, work with all accredited Naturopathic medical schools to establish a residency program to help further the development of future NDs, and to be the first to establish a Naturopathic Integrative clinic in the Little Saigon community in So. Cal. He wants to use his experience and passion for Naturopathic medicine and disrupt the status quo of an area dominated by conventional medicine. Hopefully, he will be able to unplug and free some, if not all, of the community from the “matrix.”

He received his Naturopathic education and clinical training at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon where he completed various internships encompassing acute and chronic health conditions that are commonly seen in a primary care setting, such as, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, stress, fatigue, allergies, digestive disorders, muscle and joint pains, and more. In addition, he served 3 years as an Executive Board member of the Student Government Association (SGA) where he helped coordinate its daily operations, resolved issues pertinent to SGA and Student Body, coordinate honorable behavior within SGA and many other duties to ensure efficient operations. He served 4 terms as a Physical Medicine teaching assistant, 6 terms in cadaver dissection, and 2 years mentoring 1st year Naturopathic medical students. Also, he was selected by his classmates to give an inspirational speech at their Graduation Gala.

Dr. D is available to see patients at the Monterey Park office location. To schedule an appointment please call (626) 551-5155.

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