Corus CAD Tests in Monterey Park CA

Your blood doesn’t tell your healthcare provider that you get tired walking the dog. Or that you’ve had heartburn for the last two weeks. But it can tell whether or not a significant narrowing or blockage in your heart arteries is what’s causing your symptoms.

Why Corus CAD?

Corus® CAD brings a unique perspective to your healthcare provider’s diagnosis.

When you visit your healthcare provider regarding chest discomfort or other symptoms that may be a sign of a narrowing or blockage in your heart arteries, there are several ways that the healthcare provider can diagnose what’s happening in your body. He or she can look at X-rays of your chest, test your response to exercise, and even perform surgical—also called invasive—procedures to look at your heart. However, Corus CAD offers a new way to assess whether you are suffering from obstructive* coronary artery disease (CAD) that is safe (no radiation exposure), convenient (can be performed at your first office visit), and may help determine whether an invasive approach is necessary.

What is Corus CAD?

Corus CAD provides information about what’s happening in your body right now.

Corus CAD is:

  • A blood test that measures the activity of specific genes in your blood that changes when there is a significant narrowing or blockage in your heart arteries, and can help your healthcare provider understand what may be causing your symptoms
  • The first sex-specific test for CAD that takes into account the key biological differences between men and women in its assessment
  • A test that has been well studied and validated in two large clinical studies in the U.S. called PREDICT1,2 and COMPASS3,4
  • A test that provides your physician with a score indicating the likelihood that you have a significant narrowing or blockage in your heart arteries
  • Simple to administer, safe and convenient, requiring only a routine blood draw procedure

Who is Corus CAD for?

Corus CAD is intended for patients who:

  • Complain of symptoms that may indicate signs of narrowed or blocked arteries in the heart (e.g., shortness of breath, heartburn, chest tightness, unexplained fatigue)
  • Have not been diagnosed with a heart attack, or had a previous invasive procedure to open a blocked artery
  • Are NOT diabetic
  • Are not currently taking steroids, immunosuppressive agents or chemotherapeutic agents
  • Please talk with your healthcare provider to find out if Corus CAD is right for you.

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