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Overview of Anti-Aging Medicine

As we get older, our body and mind might not work as well as it used to. In most cases it isn’t due to just “old age.” At Optimal Health & Wellness we can help you get to the cause of most of the “symptoms of aging” such as fatigue, memory loss, depression, weakness, pain, and many more! Even if you don’t have any symptoms we can help to optimize the aging process so you can live a healthy fulfilled life.

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormones play a vast role in regulating many systems of our body. With aging, various hormonal shifts occur and cause physical, mental and emotional changes. Additionally, many of these hormones begin to decrease, causing symptoms of menopause and andropause. At Optimal Health & Wellness, we offer a therapy called Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement to help bring back balance and vitality into your life. Below are some advantages of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement in both women and men.

    Advantages for Women

    • Improvement in Menopausal Symptoms
    • Improved Skin Texture
    • Reduction in Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
    • Improved Mood & Wellbeing
    • Improved Sleep & Energy
    • Improved Focus & Concentration
    • Improved Libido
    • Reduction in Pain with Sexual Intercourse
    • May Help With Weight Management

    Advantages for Men

    • Improved Libido & Sex Drive
    • May Help with Erectile Dysfunction
    • Improved Mood & Wellbeing
    • Improved Sleep & Energy
    • Improved Focus & Concentration
    • Improved Muscle Mass & Tone

    Other Advantages

    • Prevention of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol
    • Increases in Bone Density and Prevention of Osteoporosis
    • Prevention of Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

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  • Sermorelin Injections

    Sermorelin acetate is 29 chain amino acid peptide analog of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), which is produced by the pituitary gland and is necessary for normal growth and development. GHRH stimulates the pituitary to increase production of growth hormone. The increased volume of human growth hormone (hGH) produced by the pituitary gland causes an increase in the production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) by the liver and results in several health benefits such as:

    • Increases natural production of Human Growth Hormone HGH
    • Enhanced energy & strength
    • Improves quality of sleep and helps combat insomnia
    • Increases IGF-1 levels
    • Enhances wound healing
    • Improves Physical and Mental Performance
    • Enhances calcium retention and bone density
    • Improves Immune Function
    • Improves fat burning
    • Improves energy and vitality
    • Improves skin elasticity
    • Aids in connective tissue repair post injury
    • Helps to increase feelings of well being
    • Combats Stress

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  • Peptide Therapy

    Peptides are short chains of amino acids usually less than 50, linked together to provide coding of information to turn on various cellular processes. The peptides can be used to enhance the immune system, stimulate growth hormone, enhance muscle, connective tissue, or bone growth, enhance metabolism, stimulate libido, and many other functions. Our doctors can help determine which peptide therapies would be most beneficial for your condition.

  • Vitamin IV Therapies and Injections

    In a perfect world, we would get all of the vitamins and nutrients that we needed by exposure to the world around us and through the foods that we eat. The unfortunate thing is, many of us may be suffering from vitamin deficiencies and we have no idea that it is occurring. Vitamin injections and IV therapies are the fastest way to restore these deficiencies by bypassing the digestive system and going directly into the bloodstream. Having adequate stores of vitamins and minerals is key to keeping your body at optimal health.

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  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing

    At Optimal Health & Wellness we have access and provide advanced diagnostic screening tests from blood tests to body and brain scanning. These tools are very helpful in allowing us to reach the underlying cause of your disease and also providing an individualized treatment approach. Many of these tests can be covered with your PPO insurance.

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  • Regenerative Joint Treatment

    The key to living long is motion. With healthy joints, one can continue to be active and able to move around. Joint pain can affect the quality of life and lead to increased again. At Optimal Health & Wellness we have advanced therapies to help regenerate your joints and help eliminate the source of pain, so you can live optimally.

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  • PRP Facial Therapy

    Our body undergoes quite a transformation throughout our lifetime. As we get older, it begins to show the signs of aging in the wrinkles and lines that are on our face. In addition, we may see other problems with our skin during that time, such as sagging, which takes place when the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Even the color of our skin may begin to change with age spots and hyper pigmentation. Although this is considered to be a natural process, it is one that you do not need to take lying down. Our doctors at Optimal Health & Wellness can help you with some medical skincare and beauty treatments that will have you looking and feeling younger.

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